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Our relationships are our mirrors

Relationships are our mirrors

We are forever learning, growing and expanding. Some of the best teachers we have on our journeys are the people in our lives. Many are positive, comforting, uplifting and true. These are easy to appreciate and be inspired by.

But the hard ones that hurt are important too.

These kind of relationships challenge us to look deep within to see where we can grow and how we need to heal.

Even if the journey is uncomfortable along the way.

This is how the universe guides us towards growth, insight and to creating better, deeper, more aligned relationships. When we use imbalance as an opportunity to learn, we open up to healing, and breakthroughs. We become stronger and earn to find reassurance and connection within ourselves.

Try looking at your biggest relationship struggles as your life assignments and realize that when you strive for knowing and understanding them fully, you find the roadmap to resolution, transformation and love.

Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror. Often what is reflected back is great beauty - trust, respect, honesty, integrity and love.

And when you are faced with something else, know that this is a path to healing so you can find the way to the love and connection you are worthy of.

The lessons themselves are beautiful too.

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