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Good vibes all day, every day

Good vibes all day every day

Did you know that you can actually raise your frequency by shifting your thoughts to positivity?

That happiness and feeling good are something we actually CHOOSE and has little to do with what’s going on in our lives or around us?

This is so incredible! It means that we have the power to feel amazing anytime we want to. Even ALL the time!

Even when the challenges come.

All we have to do is shift our thoughts to seeing and feeling the good.

It’s quite simple, incredibly revolutionary and has completely changed the way I experience life and how I feel every day.

All we have to do is become AWARE of our negative thoughts, acknowledge them, let them go and choose something that feels better. It works an fits real! It is not a fake it until you make it thing, you actually FEEL good!

Here three simple things I now to to shift into a high:

1. See the good already there - energy flows where our focus goes. notice and hone in on what is GOOD and working in your life. A gratitude practice is perfect for this. Every morning and every evening, I think of 3 things I’m grateful for and it always makes me feel good!

2. Notice when you shift away from feeling good and make a change. When I spiral into negativity or start feeling dragged down, I really notice it now, and I shift my perspective, to see the positivity and trust that everything is I fielding as it should

3. Assume good when the harder things happening. When the challenges come, I assume that there is a reason for the challenge. It’s a lesson, an opportunity and I surrender and trust that answers will come and all will work out.

Life will always bring challenges. That’s just life. But if we change the way we view things, and change the way we see our lives in general, it completely changes our experience.

And the coolest thing? Positivity begets more positivity. That means, what we choose to see is what we experience, and that creates MORE of that positivity!!

When we select feeling good for ourselves, we naturally attract more good. And more good things start happening.

Try it. Just for a day. Start focusing all your energy on everything GOOD that happens. If you catch yourself going down negativity road, stall, breathe deep, and CHoOSe something better.

Our feelings, experience and happiness really ARE within our control!!

This, to me, is life changing. Life making. Light making.

And you, can experience it that way too. If you choose to. 💫

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