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The love that is meant for you will always find you

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

The love that is meant for you will always find you

This means we won’t ever have to perform, act, show up perfectly, work incredibly hard for or chase love.

The right love, the best love, the love we are meant to experience will always find us and accept us in all our authentic beautiful honesty.

When we chase, hang on to, push or perform, we not only push away the love we are working so hard for, but we take up space in our hearts with this energy and block the path for the right love to arrive.

This may mean that you have to let a love go to let the the right love in.

Know in your heart that love ALWAYS finds its way to you. IF the love you are wishing for isn’t meant for you, there is nothing you can do to make it yours. If it’s time for that love to go, there will be a better love on its way to take its place in your heart. Better because it was the love designed perfectly and completely just for YOU.

The universe has a magical way of bringing relationships and love into our lives that were were meant to be. They arrive by divine design and timing. Some are hard lessons, others are beautiful gifts.

All are sacred because they are meant for YOU.

Trust that the love you deserve is on its way.

If you find yourself hanging on or chasing desperately.

Let. Go.

I promise, the love that arrives is the love you are meant to have. There will be no convincing, no performing no chasing, no doubt. Only love.

The sooner we release control and expectations about love, the sooner we let the love that is meant for us in.

And when you do, you open up your heart to the greatest love imaginable - the love that is DESIGNED for you.

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