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If you're here, you want to experience life a little better.

You may be going through divorce, illness, loss, financial stress, some other life change, or just want to find out how to feel more alive and fulfilled.


You may be overwhelmed. Possibly even tired, hurt and a little broken.

I'm here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you - this just means that you are human and going through a period of challenge and change.

Hold on, there is beautiful light ahead!


I want to help you navigate all the things: divorce and well, really any disruption that life can bring!

I want to help you tap into your own personal inner compass, find your authentic truth and let it lead the way to joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Basically resources to help get you through this thing and live your best damn life! 

I've created a variety of referrals and resources designed to get you going on your journey.

You may already be in tuned in on your journey to self awareness and growth needing fresh inspiration or you may not even know what I'm talking about.

No matter where you are, I've got some tools to keep you moving forward on your path.

Check them out.


A Few of My Favorite Things

Everyone LOVES discovering a new favorite product or resource. And I've got lots. 

filled with the best of the best to up level life including books, make up, beauty, clothes, vitamins and more...

These are my go-tos - day in day tested and approved.

I hope you love them too. 

Yoga Class

The Directory

Everyone LOVES a great Referral.

I've got you!

My friends are now YOUR friends.

I did all the digging - interviewing, asking and testing and I want to share these amazing resources with YOU.


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