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Making time to just be

Making time to just be

I’ve always been a type A. Constantly on the go: moving, doing, accomplishing.

I really didn’t know HOW to rest and relax and just be.

When my family would take a nap, lounge around and chill, I just didn’t understand this at all.

There were things to be done!

Closets to clean, errands to run, emails to catch up on...Tons and tons of things that needed doing.

How can anyone lounge around and rest right now?

Then divorce came, and I HAD to learn rest.

After my divorce, I was forced to let go and just be at times. I could actually physically FEEL the need inside of me to slow down and just BE so that I could have the energy, clarity and heart to handle all of the important decisions I had to make. I just could not keep going at the pace I had been. It was impossible.

And I am forever grateful.

I learned to honor what my body and soul were asking for, surrender to it completely and to let go of guilt, FOMO and any other doubt and fear related feelings that kept me from resting, recharging and giving myself the time, space and grace to just be.

It’s not only ok to just be. In fact we NEED it.

This might mean saying no to a night out, getting behind on some projects, or having a day where I don’t get much accomplished at all other than to fill my heart with the calm, care and peace it’s craving.

This shift has made me more present, more efficient when I AM doing and going, has given me more energy, but most importantly has calmed me the f$&@ down. And made me a nicer, calmer, happier person to be around.

By basically NOT doing anything.

Try slowing down and letting yourself be and experience rest and relaxation.

Rejuvenate, honor your mind and body when it tells you to stop. Take a break, just breathe, and just be.

By slowing down physically, you will allow your mind and heart the space to recover and refill. It’s the best kind of nourishment and love we can give ourselves. So we can show up and BE our best selves.

The beautiful gift of allowing ourselves to just be.

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