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How to make work travel work for you

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Traveling as a single mom for work is never easy. I'm away from my kids, it's busy, I'm tired and out of my routine. But there are some great ways to keep your mind, body and spirit on track while you are on the road so you can feel good, stay healthy and perform at your best.

While on the road for work, it's important to take time for self care and have things on hand that make you feel good and help you perform at your best when you might feel depleted. Below are some of my favorite ways to lift myself up and keep me positive and energetic while traveling.


This one is so key to my well being. I have always been diligent about exercising, but yoga is more than just that. It has really elevated my experience to be about more than getting a workout - but working on my whole mind, body and spirit. My friend who is an instructor and a total rockstar turned me onto this when I was almost exclusively a runner. Now I have an amazing community, a total mind refresh every day AND a great challenge to keep my body feeling good too. She teaches at Old Town Scottsdale Core Power

I miss her class while traveling, but am always excited to see new faces as I am on the road.

Core Power has locations all over the United States. I literally intentionally stay at hotels located near one so that I can get my yoga fix in. It gets my head and body in a good place to perform at my best for the work I accomplish during the day.

Nice Shampoo and Conditioner

Those hotel shampoos are not only an environmental waste with all the plastic - they leave my hair dry and I can never comb through the tangles - they are an emergency last resort only if I've forgotten my own stash! I recently discovered this yummy affordable line from target called LOVE, BEAUTY, PLANET, and they have small travel size options to take with you too! Another favorite is L'Occitaine. Sometimes they even have shops at the airport which is how I acquired mine. Smells SO good and lifts me up first thing in the morning. They also have my favorite Rose hand lotion which I use every. single. day. - traveling or home. It smells incredible.


This was literally the best $85 I have ever spent in my life. I get to keep my shoes on - even my Tory Burch riding boots with brass hardware (they make it through every time!). I keep my sweater on, my Gucci belt on and the lines are SO much shorter. It was so easy to get - just went to the airport and filled out the paperwork. $85 has you covered for 5 years to fast track into the TSA pre lane - yes!

Meditate, Every. Single. Day.

Meditation is essential for me to clear my head and get into the right mind frame. I do it every day at least once. Usually in the evening because mornings are pretty chaotic and I'm not able to settle or focus at that time. . It really helps when I have challenges, obstacles, frustrations or just want to feel peace for a few minutes in a chaotic time. It has really allowed me to focus on the task at hand and allow create solutions to surface when I need them most. I usually get in at least 15-20 minutes every day, if not more.

Eat Well

Fueling our bodies with healthy food is critical to high level cognitive functioning and to physically feeling good. When you are on the road, your body may feel tired, depleted and your mind a little out of sorts while you are away from your family and home. I always pack Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter protein bars for breakfast. These have been my go-to for years. They make me feel good, keep me full for the entire morning and save time since I can eat in my room and check email rather than sitting in the restaurant eating. I also will get One Chocolate Chip Cookie bars for snacks if needed, although I try to limit my bar intake! As a basic principal, I try to eat as clean as I can. Every restaurant has salad with salmon options - my typical go to; but you can also usually find clean mexican options, grilled chicken, sushi or grilled shrimp.

On drinking: I limit my intake to one glass of wine while on the road. I NEVER want to feel bad if I have to give a presentation or go on sales calls after a night of heavy drinking. It is just NOT my gig. Sometimes this seems lame, but I don't care! My work/success/professionalism come first. I don't function well feeling hungover and won't put myself in that position. In addition, as a divorced woman in sales, I will always choose class and grace over being the fun girl - no judgement, it's just me.

Comfortable Shoes

On the road I am often walking around a lot, and particularly when it's in a cold climate, I like to have warm and comfortable shoes to wear during the day. A few years ago, I invested in some Tory Burch riding boots. I have them in black and brown and I have had them for years! They ook polished and professional, but I am also comfortable and warm! One of the best wardrobe investments ever and they will last forever. I have even replaced the soles a few times and had them polished after being exposed to sleet and snow.

Lounge Clothes

Nothing is better than coming back to your hotel room and putting on Lulu Lemon Align leggings - which are like wearing butter! I'm not even sure what that means, but you will understand if you wear them! For tops I wear Chaser sweatshirts, usually with some kind of Core Power logo or inspiring message on them. They are so so soft, have a super flattering wide neckline and look much nicer than just a sweatshirt. I wear a medium as they run pretty small. Or I might throw on one of my many many Lulu Lemon Define jackets - I have them in a rainbow of colors and they are my absolute favorite. They are comfortable, warm, flattering, pack down small, and I can't stop buying them!

Good Music and Podcasts

This is a MUST for plane rides, getting ready in the morning and my playlist for yoga in my room if I can't get to a Core Power. My favorite podcasts are Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger Podcast, which offers all kinds of advice for starting a small business, Rachel Hollis' Rise Podcast who offers life inspiring podcasts, my friend Theresa's podcast for divorce advice, and The Cardone Zone for Sales ideas and motivation to keep me inspired to be better as a sales professional. I use Spotify for my music, and I make playlists to inspire, chill out or just feel good. I often Shazam songs in yoga or at a store to get inspiration. My latest playlist includes songs from Khalid - I am obsessed - as well as Beyonce, Kanye, Justin Timberlake, Chis Isaak, Guns and Roses and more.

Planning in advance and making sure you have the things that make you feel good will ensure that you are at your best while traveling. I also like: having a nice robe, my favorite tea, candles, and more. Think through what is important to you and make sure you have those things ready to go - it's worth the planning to feel good!

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