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Podcast #11
Interview with Maria Akopyan: Dignified Divorce Coaching
Why a Divorce Coach can Completely Change your Divorce Experience

The coaching industry  is having a hot moment – and for good reason. When you have goals you want to achieve and don’t know how to get there, that’s where a coach comes in. A coach works with you to clarify what is is you want, where you want to get to and how to get there with what you’ve got. 

So what exactly does a divorce coach do and how can one help you? I divorce coach bridges the gap between your lawyer and your therapist and everything in between. They can give you a road map to navigate the complicated journey of divorce and help clarify important choices along the way, saving lots of time, money and heartache. 

Maria Akopyan of Dignified Divorce Coaching has the beautiful hybrid experience of having been a divorce lawyer and navigating the California court system turned divorce coach, helping her clients find solutions to the many problems divorce brings. 

Maria is the full package– a former attorney, a licensed marriage and family therapist and now a practicing divorce coach definitely someone you want on your side during divorce. 

Having the experience of the legal side of things, she understands the process and the laws and can also offer compassion and emotional support with her therapy background. 

In our interview, we talk about all things divorce – 

  • how to move through the divorce process

  • why creating a plan for your divorce is so important

  • why a lawyer isn’t your therapist or always your best guide for everything

  • how a divorce coach can actually save you money

  • loneliness in divorce

  • doing the internal work on yourself

  • managing friendships in divorce

  • how to support someone going through divorce,

  • why bashing someone’s ex isn’t helpful

Lots of great conversation!

This interview made me wish I had had a divorce coach through my own divorce. It’s such a complicated and tricky process and to me the legal parts felt like another language!

Maria also has some amazing resources on her website including free downloadable divorce checklist, and a marriage separation guide – a list of 20 questions to ask yourself when contemplating divorce. 

Check out her website, and enjoy the interview today. And if you’re in the process of getting divorced, give Maria a call for a free 30 minute consultation to find out how she can help you make your divorce easier, faster, and just plain  better. 

As always, enjoy the show!

You can find Maria on Instagram and Facebook as well. 

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