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Podcast #9
Interview with Erika Strasburg: Esteem Wellness
How Holistic Health Can Help Us Heal: The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Esteem Wellness is a Holistic Wellness Counseling service. And if you’re not sure what that means, basically Erika helps you live a healthier, happier life through making better holistic nutritional choices that work for you.


Erika  guides each of her clients through their own unique wellness journey, helping them find just the path that works best for them. Her mission is to steer each client towards positive health changes, greater self confidence, and helps them find more peace and happiness in their lives.


She has a very personal approach and has helped her clients handle all kinds of nutritional blocks and issues including gluten allergies, emotional eating habits. Crohn’s Disease, and other complicated issues that affect nutrition, health and well being.

Erika started studying nutrition when going through a difficult time with divorce. She struggled with staying and feeling healthy and found through focusing on her own well being, she felt better and found her way to a happier, more meaningful life.

In our interview we don’t just talk about the nutrition side, but we dive deep into how nutrition affects so many other things in our lives and how stress and change in our lives can affect our overall wellness.

We discuss the profound effect divorce has on our entire mind body and spirit and the importance of wellness and self care during this challenging time. We dig deep into the connection of the mind, body and spirit; why it's so important to be kinder to out bodies, how our bodies actually communicate to us and finding growth in the uncomfortable moments that life brings. 


Erika, is so warm, kind, thoughtful and open and knows everything I wish I knew about nutrition and healthy living.I learned SO much and loved our conversation. I know you’ll love her too.

Where to find Erika and learn more about holistic living:

Instagram: @esteemwellness



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