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Podcast #8
Interview with Michelle Wax: American Happiness Project
Overcoming Overeating and Finding your Self Worth After Divorce:

Especially emerging out of 2020, we all want to find ways to be happier. A few years ago, pre-pandemic, Michelle Wax embarked on an adventure to discover what made Americans happy. Her mission was to study happiness all over the country and find out how she could help more people feel happy.  She jumped into her jeep and drove to every single state in America interviewing everyday people about what makes them happy.  She even flew to Alaska and Hawaii to make sure she didn’t miss one single state.  

Not only did she have the time of her life meeting with happy people all over our country, but her findings were quite interesting too. 

In some ways predictable, but some surprising discoveries too.  

In the interview,  Michelle talks about what really makes people happy. How do happy people figure this out? Do we have permission to find happiness in life?  What are some of the universal practices for people who were happiest, and what are some simple things that we can all do to fell more happy right now. 

Michelle even talks about the Science behind happiness. How happiness works in our brain and what are some of the shifts we can make to feel more happy, more often. 

The final result of Michelle’s interviews and travels will be a video documentary that will  launch online this February 25th.

You can register for the documentary viewing here:

American Happiness Project Premier Tickets

She is also working on a happiness network called Connection Group Experience which is discussed in the interview as well. 

The Connection Experience

Finally, Michelle also works with businesses all over America supporting their employees in being happier and more productive through her workshops.

I’m so excited to share this interview with you. Here we are in the midst of a global pandemic,  and  we're  are all striving to find happiness more than ever. What I learned from Michelle is that it IS available to each of us, anytime we choose to make the change. No matter what our circumstances. 

Even in a pandemic, even after divorce, even after loss. Even after really hard things. And sometimes, it’s actually in those difficult moments that we really realize how important happiness is and what happiness  really means to us. 

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