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Podcast #7
Interview with Lindsay Shack: Soulful Wellness Coach
Overcoming Overeating and Finding your Self Worth After Divorce:

Divorce is never easy, and is not something we ever choose for ourselves...

But there is always an opportunity in the obstacles. Lindsay Shack, Soulful Wellness Coach talks with See the Upside about hitting rock bottom, getting over shame and finding love for yourself. Even if you've struggled for years to find it. 

Lindsay helps divorced women struggling with emotional eating, fear, and codependency break free, love themselves & love their bodies so they can radiate confidence and take back control of their lives. Her own journey with struggling to eat well and to find herself is an inspiring beacon of hope. She shows that even when we feel incredibly stuck and hopeless, there is always a way to find love, to find light, to find happiness and to find our authentic beautiful selves. 

In the interview, Lindsay shares her own story about growing up struggling with eating well, and a difficult marriage with fertility challenges which abruptly ended in divorce. Her own feelings of hopelessness and loss were incredibly heartbreaking. But through hitting a rock bottom moment and making the empowered decision to change, Lindsay found her way not only to happiness and positivity, but to a role where she is now shining a light and teaching others how to find their own way through similar struggles. 

The conversation covers topics from:

  • Getting over shame

  • Why happiness is a mindset and a choice

  • How weight and overeating has more to do with how you feel about yourself than anything else

  • Why we have to let ourselves feel the real feelings, even if they are hard

  • Why waiting to date after divorce is so important

  • How we create our own stories

  • Daily habits that help create a positive outlook

  • The differences between a coach and a therapist

Lindsay is a certified holistic wellness + life coach, helper, avid fitness enthusiast, mental health advocate, and self-love cheerleader dedicated to helping you fall in love with yourself and to guiding you towards what your soul desires.

Lindsay has spent the last four years reinventing herself and figuring out how to be happy again – inside AND out – after the pain and struggle of multiple miscarriages, divorce, and shattered dreams.

Today she helps other women find their true authentic selves – not who they think they “should” be, but who they’re meant to be in their heart and soul – and gives them the space to show up as ALL of who they truly are.

Follow Lindsay on Instagram @lindsay.shack 

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