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Podcast #36
Conversation with Wendy Battles of Reinvention Rebels Podcast
5 Ways to Rock a Reinvention

Jevon is a leader, mentor, connector and all around inspiration. 
Growing up in extreme poverty in upstate NY, the odds were against him.  He found himself going down a negative path with looming jail time and nothing but dead ends in his future. 
Somehow, thankfully,  just as Jevon faced up to 7 years in jail, he had a sudden awakening, which changed the course of his life and gave him a second chance to rewrite everything. 

He found purpose, accountability, hope and most importantly, self worth and self love. He realized that he could change his life, and it was up to him to decide when, where and how to do it.  

Jevon never did jail time. Instead, he went on to go to college, then the army, then got an MBA and became a go to expert in cyber security. And now he uses his story and knowledge to help others overcome insurmountable odds and realize their best lives and help them puruse and manifest their dreams.. 

We talk about many key factors to turning life around, getting what you want, and stepping into a life of purpose and generosity. There's SO much here. It might be my favorite interview so far.

In the interview we cover: 

  • Discovering the power we actually have over our own lives and how it can change your experience completely

  • Finding spirituality on your own terms and letting go of needing to connect to God through the way we’ve been taught

  • Why spirituality might be the missing peace to get to self love

  • How being a leader can help you discover the best version of yourself

  • Living life for the greatest benefit of all involved and why it will benefit you

  • How to shift from perfectionism to a finding the lesson mindset

  • Understanding that failure is a necessary part of success

  • The importance of believing something is possible in order to make it happen

  • Approaching success with an attitude of service

  • Embodying the person you want to be and becoming it

  • The limitlessness of success and abundance

  • Why so many people struggle with loving themselves

  • The  simple power of positive statements, compliments and smiling

Connect with Jevon:

Instagram -

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Website -


What's on Jevon's Playlist:

Mr Moran & Big Steppers- Kendrick Lamar


Books Jevon Recommends:

Grit by Angela Duckworth

Power vs Force by David R Hawkins

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