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Podcast #33
Conversation with Holistic Nutritionist - Sarah Steward of the Nutrition Steward
Why It Matters to Honor the Uniqueness of our Bodies

Our bodies are totally unique. Once we get in tuned to our own specific needs and starting paying attention, we finally get to feeling good. We understand how and when to eat, and uplevel our eating experience from just eating to nourishing. When we get intentional, grateful and connected to our food and bodies, we figure out how to make them really blossom. It's here that the struggle with our bodies ends, and the celebration and appreciation begins. 

Sarah Steward of the Nutrition Steward it a Holistic Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner. Sarah helps her clients learn their body's unique needs by providing a personalized lifestyle and nutrition recommendations so they can manage their systems and live a full life.  She takes a mind body spirit approach that is simple, gentle yet so incredibly brilliant. This is what our bodies needs. For us to connect and respond accordingly. 

In the interview we discuss: ​

  • The importance of our uniqueness and how it factors into health and wellness

  • GI issues and how they relate to our emotional health

  • How to prioritize health on a budget

  • Getting intentional while eating and why it matters

  • Why gratitude affects our health

  • Why Sarah doesn't believe in diets, but focuses on eating one meal at a time

  • How to honor what your body is telling you

  • What cravings really mean

  • The detox that you've actually want to do

Connect with Sarah:

Instagram - @thenutritionsteward

Facebook - @charlotteholisticnutrition

Podcast - Learn Your Body
Website -

Sarah's Programs: 

The Gentle Detox

What's on Sarah's Playlist:

Come on Eileen - Dexie's Midnight Runners

Don't you Forget About Me - Simple Minds

Books Sarah Recommends:

Where the Crawdads Sing

Yum Universe

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