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Podcast #27
Conversation with Melanie Schier with Collaborative Healing
Letting go of the Old and Making Space for the New -
Energetically Preparing for the Very Best Year Ever 

Many of us start the year off with lofty resolutions like losing weight or taking better care of ourselves. These are usually just symptoms of something bigger inside that needs to shift.

Often, we are missing out on the first step. The practice of reflecting on the past year, honoring and celebrating where we've come and what we've learned and accomplished. This also includes reviewing old stories, habits and even wounds that don't serve us anymore that may be ready to be let go.

How do we want to change?

What did we learn?

How did we show up?

Where can we release, shift, or lessen our load allowing us to move forward refreshed, renewed, wiser and lighter?

In this episode, I dive deep with Melanie Schier, Energetic Healer of Collaborative Healing and we explore how to release the past, rise to our best version of ourselves, get connected to our quthenticity and make space for all the good things in the year ahead. 

We also discuss - 

  • How resolutions are different from intentions

  • Getting into the feeling of what you are looking to call in 

  • Becoming aware of our own energy and how we are affected, triggers and influenced by old stories and the people around us

  • knowing when and how to take a pause and ground into yourself 

  • Why connecting to your heart space and your authenticity is the way to manifesting everything you want

  • How important it is to step into our greatness and not play small

  • Why healing the past and letting go allows us to expand into infinite possibilities

I hope you take the time to really FEEL into the gratitude for all the lessons and amazing experiences of the past year, hard as many of them were, so that you can release them with grace and step confidently into the direction of your dreams and best life and year ever in 2022! That is EXACTLY what I plan to do.

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