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Podcast #23
Interview with Melanie Schier from Collaborative Healing
Energy Medicine and How It Can Heal you Mind, Body and Spirit

We are all energetic beings, moving and living in an energetic world. Energy Medicine is the practice of understanding our own energetic field and how it interacts with others. 

Do you every feel a heavy energy in a room? Or tend to take on the energy of others? 

In this interview with with Melanie Shier of Collaborative Healing, we explore the many ways getting in tuned with your own energy can bring about incredible awareness, healing and peace. It can improve your relationships and even have huge effects on the world around you.!

Although our Western World is fairly new to this concept, energy healing has been around for a long time and when you open yourself up to it, can change the way you feel about yourself and view the world forever in the best way possible.


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In the interview we cover:

  • What exactly is energy healing and energy medicine

  • Some of the modalities that fall underneath energy healing like Reiki and Chakras.

  • How we energetically connect and have unhealthy energetic attractions to each other

  • How our energy imbalances can effect our physical health in specific ways

  • How Melanie discovered and  developed her medium skills

  • How our collective energy is powerful and can create change in the world

  • Digging deep into our past and old energetic layers to heal old stories that no longer serve us

  • How our behaviors and physical symptoms can help us get to the source of our energetic blocks

  • Why being present and grounding yourself is so powerful and important

  • Interpreting synchronicities like number sequences and signs from the universe

  • How to understand who you are and what is yours energetically to own and how to separate someone else's energy from yours

Whether you are familiar with energy medicine/energy healing or not, in this episode you will learn new ways to understand WHO you are better, how to notice and heal old patterns, make important changes and generally feel better, more at peace and more connected to yourself, the people that you are important to you and the universe at large. Open your heart and mind to this incredible way of letting go and leaning into your light. I hope this introduction gets you excited about the infinite possibilities energy healing can change your life. 

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Books that Melanie Loves:


A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engel

Frequency by Penny Peirce

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