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Podcast #16
Interview with Denise McGuire, Certified Financial Planner and
Allie Stea, Accredited Asset Management Specialist
What Makes Women Such Great Investors

Did you know that there are specific qualities about women that make them particularly good investors? That the statistics show that women actually tend to make 1% more on their investments because of they way they invest? 

This interview is with Denise McGuire and Allie Stea of the Wealth Stewards, a wealth management practice affiliated with Raymond James based in Gilbert, Arizona. They specifically focus on helping women of all kinds step into or step UP their investing. 

This dynamic duo works together to support single women of all kinds  - divorced, widowed, beginning your independent life – whatever the situation, they are an all female powerhouse helping women achieve financial freedom through goal based financial planning and education. 

They actually function like a personal CFO – so basically can help with anything financially related. Their program is called Well on Your Way, which is so very fitting. They truly help women find their way financially, which I love. 

In the Interview, we talk about why women make such good investors. and lots of issues surrounding women, investing and money. Whether you invest now yourself or not, this is incredibly valuable and interesting information to know. 

In the interview we discuss:

  • What holds back women from investing more

  • The real statistics about Millennial Women and Investing that might surprise you

  • Details about women outliving men and what that means for our financial futures

  • What are some of the best ways are to learn about money and investing

  • The best book recommendations for women and investing

  • Why Allie and Denise spend so much time getting to know their clients and understanding how they live and what's important

  • Why saving and investing is not the same thing

  • How NOT investing has it's own risks

  • What are some of the easiest ways to get started

  • Why learning about money is a form of self care and self love

I am always looking to expand my knowledge about money and investing. This really is a topic where knowledge is power and I'm so passionate about sharing as much information with as many women and girls as possible.
I really hope you enjoy this episode and take away as much as I did -  share it with a friend!


How to Find Denise and Allie:


Denise and Allie's Book Recommendations and Links:

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