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Podcast #19
Interview with Andrea Hipps, Arizona based Divorce Coach
How Divorce can be the Worst Best Thing

Andrea is a divorce coach,  social worker,  wife, mom, working professional and has been divorced herself. She helps women navigate the often complicated and difficult feelings as well as the hard decisions.

Divorce can feel incredibly daunting, confusing, overwhelming, and exhausting. It can even  feel like the worst time in your life. What Andrea shows us that it's ok to feel that way, but with some healing, it can actually become  a beautiful opportunity for change, self awareness, growth and the path to our happiness. Maybe eve, the BEST time in your life.

Topics discussed in this episode:


  • How breaking down can break you open

  • Returning to work after divorce

  • Why a lawyer shouldn't be your only resource in divorce

  • Surrounding yourself with positivity and insipiration

  • Should you listen to other divorce stories

  • Realizing we can do hard things

  • Finding acceptance in a life unexpected

  • Working with your life and not against it

  • Letting the grief, loss and the hard feelings come and how they lead us to healing

  • Knowing that the rollercoaster of emotion is normal

  • Tapping into your intuition


Hiring a divorce coach can be the very BEST thing you can do. Having someone on your side, with your very best interests in mind can be so reassuring and life changing. With a spectrum of experiences and resources, Andrea is an incredible resource. 


Links from the show:
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Download this Free Guide on How to Communicate with your Ex in Divorce


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