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Podcast #10
Interview with Janeen Kokodynski: Box of Comfort
How to offer comfort in the midst of grieving and incredible loss.

Have you ever struggled with how to show support for a loved when they have experienced loss? 

See the Upside podcast guest, Janeen Kokodynski, founder of Box of Comfort, has created a beautiful solution for really difficult times.

Wanting to support her sister who was battling with an illness, Janeen searched to find something to show how much she cared. She didn’t find quite what she was looking for. 
Later Janeen herself experienced  terrible loss of a child and felt personally how alone and hard it was to grieve and heal. 

Years later, inspired and filled with compassion for others experiencing loss,  she set out on a mission to create something herself. That’s how Box of Comfort came to be. A beautiful gift box filled with items focused on comforting someone experiencing  personal loss of a loved one or  pet,  her boxes are specially designed to provide comfort to  all 5 senses. 

Her products are so carefully and specially selected and each product has a beautiful story and mission of its own.  And now Box of Comfort is expanding to offer boxes for happier moments like celebrating a new home or to say thank you.

In the interview we talk about the loneliness of loss, how grief can inspire you to live life more fully,  what a grieving journey is, finding purpose in our grief and how grief can strengthen our faith. 

We also talk about connecting with love ones who have crossed, the signs they send and the beautiful sign Janeen shares with her son, Matthew.  This was my favorite part.  It was so powerful, awe inspiring and reassuring. Just beautiful. 

Janeen has created a much needed thoughtful business with incredible care and love going into every aspect of it even including supporting organizations in our community. 

Biscotti from - SMILE Biscotti
Supporting: Autism Research & Resource Center

Candles from - Koko's Candles
Supporting: Children's Heart Foundation

Meditation Stones - Thoughtful Stone Co. 

Blankets supporting - the church Casa International de Oracion 

This interview came at the perfect time, when we call could use a little comfort in our lives. Whether it’s from loss, disconnection from the people we care about or just wanting to have some self care time. I hope you are inspired by Janeen’s soul filling story of turning something so heartbreaking into something incredibly  heart warming. 

It made me realize that every difficult moment is so much more bearable when we know others are on the journey with us. 

You can find Box of Comfort online,  on Instagram and Facebook

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