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Your friends should make you feel good

Your friends should make you feel good.

Divorce is a time where we reevaluate everything.

This is also true of the friendships in our lives.

Your friends should bring you joy, lift you up, cheer for you, want you to succeed and be happy, acknowledge you, show up for you and respect your boundaries.

The best friendships are built on mutual trust, respect, reliability, accountability and love.

Most importantly and simply:

How do your friends make you feel?

Your best friends should make you feel GOOD.

If not, you have the right at any time in your life to create boundaries with people who don’t align with who you are, how you show up for friendship and life and how you want to feel.

Not everyone will align with with the kind of friendship you give and expect. That’s ok.

This doesn’t make either of you a bad person. You just have different goals and ideas about what you want from a friendship.

But we also don’t have to keep people in our lives that don’t serve our higher good. You can respectfully and kindly create some distance.

When you do this, you are prioritizing and showing love for you. You are making more space for the people that deserve your heart and putting yourself in a place to receive and deliver the best high vibe love to those that align with and deserve it.

If someone doesn’t bring you light, love and joy and make you a better you, then they may not be deserving of receiving that gift from you.

This is being thoughtful and intentional about your friendships. This is how you protect you own heart and good feelings.

This is how you value you.

This is how others will understand and appreciate the beautiful value of you too.

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