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Why gratitude is so good

What makes gratitude so good.

What is it about this gratitude that changes and improves our lives in such a huge way?

Gratitude puts us in the present moment. It allows us to look around and feel all of the good things that are here, now, on the journey. It takes us out of striving, achieving and going into being and feeling.

Life will always have things we need to do, places we are trying to get to. Goals to accomplish. It can feel like we never quite get there.

Gratitude tells us that we are ALREADY there. THIS is what love and happiness is about.

Being right here.

I often find myself thinking - when I get THIS done, life will be good. When I finally heal from THIS, I’ll be happy. When I accomplish THAT I will feel fulfilled.

What if everything we need and want is already right here. What if everything we love and cherish is in front of us.

We just need to see it and soak it in.

All we have to do is get still and feel the moment. Become aware of all of the good things we can appreciate today.

Here. Now.

It just takes is a little intention and practice. You can start simply and start today.

Every morning think of three things you are grateful for.

Here are a few of mine:

Morning yoga

A gorgeous sunrise

A really good night of sleep


A hug from my kids

An early morning hike

A phone call with a friend

My coffee

Great music in my car

If you make practicing gratitude a habit, you will feel an incredible shift in your energy. When we feel and see good, we become a magnet for MORE good. And all of the good things we want and are striving for, fall into place, just by seeing all of the good we already have.

When we are grateful, we find we ARE already full. We see light, we live light. We feel light. We become light. We attract light.

Yes, gratitude is SO good.

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