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Patience allows space for the right things to come at the right time

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Being a Virgo and an extreme planner and list maker, patience has always been hard for me. I found out the sex of my babies with all three of my pregnancies even though right afterwards I knew it would have been such an amazing surprise. I literally counted down the moments until the ultrasound with extreme IMPATIENCE and excitement. But the minute I knew, I wished that I had waited.

Unfortunately, I had zero patience.

I plan Christmas months in advance, I don't like waiting in lines, waiting at stoplights, and get frustrated when it takes my daughter, Bryn, 10 minutes to get to the point of her story, already! (she DOES tend to ramble a little).

But some things like healing won't be rushed, not matter how impatient you are, how much you plan and how intentional your focus is. It just. takes. time.

What I have since learned is that patience is not just the ability to wait without complaining, but it's actually peace knowing that the answers will come and that your dreams are already on their way. You just have to know they are coming and wait for them to unfold.

The Universe has its own plan for you, and things will happen in their own time. When you are ready, and when they are ready for you.

When we rush and push, we jump into things and settle for what we know isn’t exactly what we want. When practice patience, it allows the right things to come, the best things to come, at just the perfect time.

When you are able to embrace patience in this way, with surrender and faith, that is when the path to where you are going suddenly becomes lighter and the journey itself becomes filled with the peaceful knowing that all you need is on its way to you. And you are willing to wait for it.

Try to change your view of patience away something you have to endure to something to embrace, that settles you on the journey and gifts you the knowing.

Everything you need: healing, peace, joy, love, release, fulfillment - all of it - is on its way, you just have to be patient

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