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Wearing a red dress

Wearing a red dress

I’ve never been a red dress kind of girl.

I’m probably best described as classically understated, thoughtful, kind and open. But most likely not the center of attention. I was the perfect wingman, support system and back stage work horse - in my marriage and otherwise.

But divorce changes you. It forces incredible transformation in ways we never could have imagined and may not even really want. We are required to step up to our own lives and show up boldly, wholeheartedly and unapologetically. Even if it’s uncomfortable.

We will shed our former selves like a skin and suddenly own our souls in the most authentic and truthful way.

It is a process that is completely naked, raw, open, real and a little bit terrifying.

But it’s also incredibly liberating.

I saw this dress and was drawn to it. In the same way that I’ve been drawn to a lot of new things - like self worth, confidence, vulnerability, deep connection, integrity, spirituality, hope and infinite possibility.

In that dress I saw all of the dreams, bravery and strength I’ve always wanted to have but never had the courage to ask for.

The red dress is bold. It’s fiery. It is honest, open, unapologetic and vibrant.

It’s full of life and courage and love and truth.

That is how I want to embrace this new life now. Seeing the love and courage inside my own heart and the incredible possibility and opportunity ahead.

It is showing up for life boldly, in a red dress.

Owning our truth and living it fully, almost like our souls are on fire.

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