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Vulnerability. Is. It.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Vulnerability. Is. It.

For all the men out there who think we want you to be strong, you are right. 

But not in the way that you think.

It has nothing to do with muscles, tank tops, the gym, eating right, how much weight you can bench, how much yoga you do, what car you drive, how successful you are or how much money or power you have. 

It has everything to do with what you reveal from inside of you. 

The kind of strong I'm referring to is being totally honest and raw about who you are. Showing the people you trust most your real feelings. 

We want to see your truth and vulnerability

This includes your passions, your dreams, your gifts and your favorites. But it also includes your fears, your past, your doubts and your hurt. All of the feelings. These are the things that are part of the real you. 

Being vulnerable is never an act of weakness. It's actually the exact opposite. Vulnerability is an act of incredible and pure courage. And is where the deepest connection and trust happens with another person. 

When you tap into everything, even the hard things, you release your authentic, unapologetic, beautiful truth. This taps you into trust, into peace, into safety, into relief, into acceptance, into deep connection, into love. 

When we open up and let someone into our heart, really let them see who we are and how we feel, that is where we finally realize where true connection and trust lives. That by becoming vulnerable you are not only sharing the most intimate and special gift there is to give to anyone on this earth, but you are also opening up to the biggest gifts you can give to yourself. Acceptance and Love.

Forget flowers, jewelry, clothes, handbags, houses, vacations and cars.

We want connection. We want truth. We want you. 

And there is nothing on this planet more sexy than someone who is willing to take the risk and open those secret doors. 

I know, it's really hard. That is the point. It will require incredible trust, confidence, courage and an unwavering faith and belief in love. 

What could possibly be more attractive than that?


We might get hurt, it might be too much, we are almost always afraid. I know I was and still am. And THAT’s precisely why being vulnerable is so damn courageous and sexy. 

You're afraid and you do it anyway. THAT is what true courage IS.

It's the kind of sweet reward that can only come when you do something that's terrifying, exhilarating, and like coming home, all at the same time. 

It is how we have the chance on this earth to experience what it really feels like to have a sacred exchange of trust and love. It is how we know for sure that we are really, completely alive but also totally spiritually aligned and connected. 

Our purpose in this life is to love completely and honestly. It is how we connect to something divine, right here in our world. But it's entirely on us to open up and and let that beautiful light shine in. 

It is here, in vulnerability, that we find love, the greatest love, sacred love.

It's also where we finally learn to find, accept and love ourselves. 

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