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Seeing the light in others

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We each have a special light to shine, our unique power within. These are our strengths and gifts, and our job is to discover them within ourselves and share them with the world.

But what if a big part of our purpose was to discover and see those gifts in other people too? What if sometimes only you could see the light inside of someone that they may not be able find on their own?

At times, we have a hard time seeing beautiful things within ourselves. Or maybe it’s just that we have a hard time believing them.

Imagine if you told someone that you see the miracles within them. That they are special and worthy, are doing beautiful things, have incredible gifts and power to change the world inside. Inside of of them. And you see it.

Why WOULDN’T you tell them.

Love is not a finite thing. The more we give, the more we see, the more we share the more there is. There is always more.

All we have to do is see it in each other and share it.

There is incredible beauty and are actual miracles in each one of us waiting to be discovered- sometimes we just need someone else to see them and tell us first.

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