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Playing it safe

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

This Stine Goya dress is anything but safe. It felt risky, scary and uncomfortable. It short, it’s full, it’s whimsical and it’s not navy.

It was terrifying.

But look at how much fun I had wearing it!

This is just a dress, but in life we have to be willing to take risks too. Otherwise we can find ourselves playing it safe and holding on to things that aren’t necessarily good or healthy just because they are what we know.

I understand. For years I played it safe. I was tasteful, predictable, likeable and maybe a little bland.

Living authentically is scary. At first.

You might fail. You might lose. You might get it wrong. You might be criticized.

But what if you get it more right than you ever have? What if you find success, joy, connection, fulfillment, validation and love way beyond anything you’ve ever imagined possible?

Just by taking chances.

Yes we risk failing. Yes we risk getting hurt.

That’s how we know we are living.

If it feels right in your heart and makes you feel more alive, go after it.

Take the job, go on the trip, talk to the person, let yourself fall totally, deeply in love.

This is your one amazing life. Go live it in your own wild beautiful technicolor passionate no regrets fullest way.

Because playing safe you’ll never know for sure. And that might be the biggest loss of all

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