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My kind of heroines

My heroines

We all need heroines in our lives. Women to inspire and make us believe that we can achieve amazing things and can do it all with kindness, compassion and grace.

You might already have a heroine. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a heroine for many. I love that she had friends on both sides of the political spectrum. Staying true to her individuality and heart as well as making great things happen in the world.

My heroines are a little closer to home. It has been my friends and the women in my family that have inspired me the most. Through these incredible women I have learned courage, humor, patience, optimism, positivity, confidence and the soul lifting revelation that we CAN overcome the unimaginable and we can still have love in our hearts.

These women, who I am lucky enough to call friends, have shown me who I want to be and how I want to show up for life.

As I look around and continue on the journey of life and love, I am in awe of just how lucky I am. Together we have overcome incredible obstacles and encouraged and inspired each other to live with beauty, grace and purpose. Embracing all of the hope and love we deserve and celebrating each other along the way.

Each friend has taught me something different. One humor, one unconditional love, one balance, one friendship, one compassion, one hope, one loyalty, one integrity, one forgiveness, one strength, one surrender, one positivity, one purpose.

By seeing these empowered and gracious women believe and love, I have found the possibilities and love inside of myself too. Because I believed in them, and they believed in me, I found how to believe in myself.

Although I don’t have a picture of all of my heroines together (wouldn’t that be amazing!!) Here, in this picture, are some of the women who have enriched me with their beautiful strength and grace.

You are my friends, my family, my teachers, my comfort and my light.

You are my heroines.

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