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Insomnia: Exhausted and over it

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

One of the first things to affect me when I separated was my sleep. And when you can’t sleep you can’t function at your best. And I am a 9 hour a night girl - I love and need my sleep!

Additionally, if you are going through a divorce you need to be as clear minded and laser focused as possible as you navigate difficult conversations, life changing decisions and the emotional roller coaster of each day.

A few things that that can help that really worked for me:

  1. For the first few weeks, I literally went into shock and could barely function. I didn’t sleep at all. After trying many natural remedies and every trick I knew, I went to my doctor and got a sleeping aid prescription. This was a life saver in the short term. I didn’t love the quality of sleep, but it was sleep and at that moment in time, anything was good. Might not be a solution everyone likes or supports, but it helped me for that moment when I was lying awake exhausted and exasperated.

  2. Melatonin gummies - Not only are they delicious - I’m not joking these are GOOD, - they work every time to get me to sleep and keep me asleep. I get mine on Amazon and take 3 every night.

  3. Reading before bed. This has to be an actual paper book as there is something about a lit screen that hinders sleep. I am an avid reader, but it’s also like Ambien for me! Something about reading quietly transitions you.

  4. Hot herbal tea - my favorite is Yogi breathe deep. This is the best tea ever and there’s something so comforting about tea before bed.

  5. A shower - I love love love getting into bed clean with fresh sheets and my favorite pajamas - just feels so good!

  6. Meditation - I meditate every night for at least 20 minutes. This really helps quiet my mind and helps release all the details spinning around my head. Going clear and letting go is so calming and relaxing and helps get your mind to stop spinning.

  7. Skip the wine. Somehow (sadly) the nights I skip wine I sleep so much better. I’m not sure if it’s the sugar, the alcohol or something else, but my sleep is deeper, more fulfilling and I feel much more refreshed the next day.

Insomnia is so hard. And feels like such an added stress in an already stressful situation. I had never experienced this before divorce and the middle of the night analytical tossing and turning sessions were the worst. Then the tired days. Not good!

The good news is as you process and move forward this usually fades and you can get back to a more normal sleeping pattern.

In the mean time - try the gummies!

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