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Owning your sh&$

Owning your sh&@

I’m not going to lie. Owning your issues isn’t pretty, easy, fun or comfortable.

But what it IS, is empowering and freeing.

This is where healing happens and your beautiful new dream life begins.

In this hard place and with this hard work.

The truth is, we make choices in this life. We each had something to do with why we’re here in this place today. No matter how difficult this is to accept and how many outside factors came into play; to be able to learn, grow and ultimately move on, we will need to look at ourselves in the mirror and get honest.

The amazing thing about this difficult work is that once we accept responsibility, we get to TAKE responsibility for how we handle things from here and what comes next.

The minute we decide to no longer be the victim in our lives, we become the beautiful creator and the opportunities blast open to every good thing we’ve ever dreamed of.

Life is no longer happening TO us, we get to make it happen and allow the good things to unfold FOR us.

So yes.

Own you sh$&. It’s worth every single difficult, painful, heartbreaking moment.

Because when you break yourself down, you allow all the beauty inside to break open.

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