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I don't want to get hurt again

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

I don’t want to get hurt again.

I’ve heard this declaration before. And I do understand. When you love and lose someone it’s really really hard.

When heartbreak happens it can feel like you don’t ever want to risk loving that way ever again because the pain was simply too much.

But healing from love and loss is not about building bigger and better walls around our heart. The point of surviving is not to shut out our openness to love.

Healing is about getting hurt, recovering and knowing better next time what’s worth actually falling in love for. It’s to understand the preciousness of our hearts and to be mindful. It’s not about falling less deep, but about falling smarter.

A broken heart will never be a free pass to hide out from love. We were born to be loved, and no matter how much you try, love will manage to find you.

That is the beauty and insistence of the human experience.

Love. Always. Shows. Up.

So no, don’t give up on love because you loved and were hurt. Learn how to choose love that is worth the loss if it happens. The love that is the kind that even if it’s doesn’t work out, you lived, loved and felt something extraordinary that was completely worth it.

Because the best kind of love is love that you wouldn’t exchange the experience for a thing.

And you just might find that your heart isn’t falling down, but is falling right in and may not be breaking after all.

It might actually be expanding beyond what you ever believed possible.

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