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Finding our Feminine

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Finding our feminine

During divorce we are called on to step up in many ways. We take on big roles with lots of responsibility. We suddenly become the head of our household and maybe even have primary responsibility for our families either literally, financially, emotionally or otherwise.

We become warriors within our own lives.

As I take on more than I’ve ever imagined in my life I’ve found strength and empowerment inside that I never knew was there.

But with all this doing, overcoming, and standing strong, I’ve found myself craving the soft flowing femininity I used to embody so well.

The part of me that loved fully, laughed easily, was warm, comforting and light. At times I have felt that she has totally disappeared.

But I have discovered that part of me is still there. I just had to find it.

Yes. I’ve discovered that you CAN be strong but also be loving, kind and open, have style, warmth and grace all at the same time.

When we have heavy things to deal with, we can shut down the feminine parts of ourselves. Feeling gracious and light might seem indulgent, frivolous and naive.

What I know now is that we have the power and the opportunity to be strong and resilient but also embody our softness, kindness and inner beauty all at the same time. That is the incredible complexity and magic of being a woman. We get to do both.

Beauty and strength.

Divorce doesn’t have to make you hard.

It can make you strong. But it can also make you kind, compassionate and loving.

No one said being a warrior couldn’t be done with grace, style and love too.

That is how we as women do resilience.

By finding our feminine.

can have style, flare, softness, compassion and grace too.

Yes, you are a warrior. But you are also a woman.

This is how we as women do resilience.

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