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Divinity or Dolce

Divinity or Dolce

Do we have to decide?

Who says having a spiritual practice means you can’t have style? Or that having style means that you aren’t spiritual?

Being spiritually aware and being chic are not mutually exclusive. In fact, being connected to yourself, the world around you, and the divine within has never been cooler, more relevant, and sexier. And if you have a beautiful spiritual practice, there’s no rule that says you can’t look and feel good while doing it.

At the core of our spiritual connection is getting in touch with our divine essence. Everyone has this capability, opportunity and fundamental human right, whether they wear patchouli or Prada.

Getting aligned with ourselves, the people we care about and the spirit within and around us is point. It is our magnet to love and positive energy, how we attract a beautiful fulfilling, abundant, happy life of purpose, and is our connection to God, the universe, light, and love.

What matters most is that you HAVE a spiritual practice and that it feels authentic, fulfilling and enlightening to YOU. If your connection leads you to love and the light within, it’s perfect - whether you’re wearing Birkenstocks, Nikes or Gucci.

There is no one way, one how, one type, one outfit or lifestyle required. What matters is the intent and love behind it.

So pray, meditate and connect in any way or style you choose.

It’s all good.

It’s all beautiful.

It’s all love.

Its all divine.

It’s all you.

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