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Creating new traditions

Making new traditions

Christmas will look different after divorce. There are decisions to be made about where the kids go and when. You may even be spending Christmas solo this year with Covid restricting travel. One thing is for sure, Christmas after divorce won’t be the same.

And that’s OK.

Different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. All of the change divorce brings gives us the beautiful opportunity for new beginnings. Yes, the ending of married life can be sad and hard. But as you look ahead, focus on how YOU want to live and experience life and embrace the gorgeous opportunity this brings to create something new and completely yours.

Holiday traditions included.

Some of your pre divorce traditions you may choose to carry with you. Our family still decorates the tree together as we share memories and stories about each ornament, we make lots of German and Norwegian cookies, still send a family Christmas card, and buy a new decoration for each sibling every year.

But we’ve also created some NEW traditions: we now get a REAL tree, bake enough cookies for our neighbors, adopt a family to shower with Christmas gifts, hang out at the best fire pits in Phoenix, open gifts on Christmas Eve euro style, tell each other what we’re grateful for in the past year, and share our goals and dreams for 2021.

I love the opportunity to express who our family is now and how we want to do life as our beautiful new family of 4.

The most important thing about traditions is that you have them and that they are meaningful and bring joy to YOU.

As with most things in life, it’s about perspective. You can approach change with a broken heart or a loving heart.

Which one YOU choose will radically change and define how you experience life.

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