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Coming home

Coming home

After the separation was official, the logistical details of finding a new place to live became incredibly real. I started my search months in advance. At first I was hopeful and maybe even a little excited. This was going to be my new nest and sanctuary. All mine to choose and all mine to design. This was my first step post divorce into independence. I was ready.

My friend Suzanne connected me with a friend of a friend who knew of a house that would be coming available in a neighborhood I had always thought was charming and warm. It was right by several of my favorite restaurants, close to the schools my kids attended and was safe.

I drove by and instantly fell in love. The area had tons of character, was in a great location and the house was adorable. It was perfect and exactly what I had envisioned. I loved the bay window and could picture us sitting there, together as a family, eating breakfast in the morning in our new lives.

Unfortunately, the occupants were looking for a new home and had not found one yet. They were on month to month and didn't know when they would be moving. So their move out date was uncertain. It could take months, so I had to keep looking. I was disappointed, but decided that perhaps it wasn't meant to be, that something better would come up.

I continued to search and after dozens of homes later, was quickly disheartened by the other options. The houses were too expensive, to small, too unsafe or just too terrible. I wasn’t finding anything.

After a full day of driving past possible homes with my oldest daughter Sophie, we drove by the last option on our list - it was horrible. That was it. I couldn't do this anymore. I pulled over and burst into tears of frustration and panic. I had no idea what we were going to do. Sophie comforted me. My daughter, comforting me.

"We'll find something mom, don't worry".

Somehow. Someway, the universe brings exactly what you need in just the right moment. A few days later I received a call that the the house I adored was coming available. And the timing was the exact date I needed.

We went to look at it and inside the universe showed me sign after sign that this was the one. There was positivity here, I could feel it. It felt happy, hopeful, light and comfortable.

I had found our new home.

We’ve been here a year and a half now and I still love this house. I love coming home from business trips and love just being home on the weekends. It feels good to be here. It’s my favorite house I’ve ever lived in and I’ve lived in a lot of houses.

This home has been the birthplace of beautiful new beginnings, cherished memories, incredible hope and lots of love. We have all been healing here, together.

Here, we have found peace.

Everyone who comes to visit feels the same way. There is just good energy here and it feels like happiness has finally found us.

In this house we have arrived. We have found a way to come home.

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