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Choosing to turn lemons into lemonade

Choosing to turn lemons into lemonade

There are some moments in divorce that are simply unbelievable. Some of the stories are shocking, confusing, devastating, and unfathomable.

You can’t make some of this sh&@ up.

No one would ever believe it.

It is here in the heart of the absurdity of it all, that we can choose humor and grace.

Maybe not in the moment, but once the panic and disbelief has subsided and we’ve had some distance and healing under our belts, it’s ok to allow ourselves to laugh, to let go of the heaviness. We can lean into the relief and gratitude that it’s over now and we can allow it to be reframed into something new.

We can turn that crazy around, take those lemons and make lemonade with a twinkle in our eyes and a lightness of heart. Finding positivity and wisdom in the unfathomable.

We don’t have to hang on to the ugliness.

Choosing not to let the experience define us, own us or drag us down. WE get to define how we see things in hindsight.

THIS is our superpower. To refuse to let the hardest moments pull us under and to allow the beauty and strength of our own hearts to buoy us right to the surface into positivity and light.

How we decide to view things will frame how we move forward.

It will be how we find compassion and understanding. How we choose to thrive after the hard things, not just survive.

How we will embrace the wisdom and lessons and grow.

And how we will heal.

Choosing to view the crazy troubles and challenges with an open heart and a smile is our own decision.

Yes. We can turn lemons into lemonade.

If we decide to.

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