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Podcast #4
Interview with Missy Gaspard
Fitness and Health Coach
The Powerful Connection Between Physical and Emotional Well Being.
An Interview with Missy Gaspard, health coach and expert on surviving and thriving hardship for single moms.
Missy is a health coach focused on finding overall well being for her clients. Her business, Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Happy. has inspired clients all over the country to take ownership of their own health and happiness.

Having met serendipitously "by accident" these two discuss how the universe brings you exactly what you need at just the right time. They talk about how important it is to reach the "just right" mixture of fitness and healthy eating to find your best you, how fitness and healthy eating affects your overall well being, navigating and letting go of comparison and the importance finding our own self acceptance and love. Missy shares her story of incredible loss and pain and how she found meaning and light through one of life's hardest imaginable moments. 
Inspirational and motivational, Missy is filled with infectious energy and positivity. With a health oriented mind set but a heart rooted in love she truly "sees the upside". 
Insta: @missygaspardcoaching
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