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Podcast #5
Interview with James Brien of The Mindful Divorce
How Men Emotionally Process Divorce and How They can Heal and find Happiness.
An interview with Jame Brien, author of the recently published:
The Mindful Divorce: How to Heal and be Happy After Separation. 

James and Nina discuss the many differences between men and women in divorce.  James created this book after his own experience with divorce and found the resources available to men in the UK - lacking. So he wrote a book.
An amazing book. 
About how to navigate divorce from the inside out for men.

Divorce affects both men and women, but we process and manage the transition and feelings differently. Women tend to be more open with sharing their feelings and have stronger support systems. Men not as much. But the problems that arise for men when they don't properly manage and process feelings are huge and it postpones or even prevents healing. It can result in anger, frustration and an ability to move on. 

James talks about some tools he has developed to help navigate the changes, and create positivity, acceptance and maybe even a happier, more fulfilling emotional life as a result. 

Divorce can be an awakening, for both men and women, and James tells us the guys' side of the story.
Insta: @mindful.divorce
About James:

James Brien has spent over 20 years working with people all around the globe. In this time, he developed techniques to build rapport, deal with conflict, and negotiate in high-pressure situations.


Facing divorce, with no one to turn to, James drew on his experience to establish a harmonious and stable environment for his children. As anyone going through a divorce can attest to, this was far from easy.


James saw how families could be torn apart  following divorce. There was a lack of information available to help men come to terms with divorce and work out how they could co-parent effectively. This left many children without a positive male role model in their lives. James wanted to change that. He made a promise to himself that once he got his life back in order, he would write a book to help other men.


He wrote his first book, The Real Man's Guide to Divorce, to help men through divorce, so they can build a happier life and be an inspirational influence on their children. Although the book was written mainly for men, women purchased the book for family members and feedback was resoundingly positive from both sexes.


As interest in the book grew, James realized that if he was going to achieve his intention of helping more children to have both parents in their lives, he had a write a book that spoke directly to BOTH men and woman.


The Mindful Divorce: How To Heal And Be Happy After Separation is the first in a planned series of short, concise books aimed at giving the reader the information they need to make the right decisions and choices around their divorce. It shows how to avoid the negative consequences that can happen when couples separate permanently. James focuses on specific topics that, once addressed, can help the reader lead a healthy, positive, and happy life.


The book has been a runaway success, and a vibrant community has grown on Instagram and Facebook, where people come to share their experience and inspire others.


Using his business background, James and his team have also developed an intuitive and straightforward process for uncontested divorces in England and Wales.


Using Easy Divorce Online, it's possible to have your divorce papers completed almost effortlessly within 24 hours without even leaving your home.

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