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Podcast #24

Conversations with Kerry:
Overcoming Fear and Embodying Courage

We all have our perceptions about courage. It may be easier to have courage in some areas in our life than others or simply seems like its easier for other people. The places where we have more fear, may be for good reason - so how do we step into our power, embody more courage and live more open and authentically? Why is is that the things that are seem so simple, actually require the most courage of us - vulnerability, owning our truth, showing up for ourselves, being honest about what we want and who we are. How can we use fear as a tool to understand ourselves better and move towards everything we want most in life? 

In this interview, Life Coach Kerry Degenhardt and I talk through all things courage and fear. Why fear isn't always protecting you and how it may be linked to old stories which aren't true anymore. We address outside influences and how to evaluate if fear is valid or not and why getting in tuned with ourselves is the best way to tap into courage. 

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