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Podcast #3
Interview with Brooke with Abundantly Brooke
Transforming Hardship into Purpose.
An Interview with Abundantly Brooke, coach and expert on surviving and thriving hardship for single moms. Hear Brooke's incredible story of resilience and awakening as she went from being a young single mom dating and trying to find her way, to empowered and spiritually aligned inspiration who now helps lead other women to find their light and find their purpose.
Nina and Brooke discuss:
 How hitting rock bottom can be your biggest awakening; 
how to create soulful connection with yourself, your partner and with friendships
how timing and being open to love is crucial to a healthy and balanced relationships
Learning to find and listen your inner compass and how we can each find and feel joy and light all along the way.
Brooke is sweet, fiery, strong and radiates positivity.
You will love her story and will come away inspired to tap into your own joy inside.
Insta: @abundantly_brooke
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