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Podcast #6
Interview with Suzanne Bissett Vanderhoff
Facing Breast Cancer in the middle of a Pandemic:

Imagine entering into the heart of Covid quarantine - in March 2020 and receiving a breast cancer diagnosis you never saw coming.


This is exactly what happened to Suzanne Bissett Vanderhoff, well known local TV personality and host of Your Life Arizona on channel 3 in Phoenix.


Suzanne’s life was busy, full and happy whe n everything suddenly changed. After a routine Mammogram, Suzanne faced a double mastectomy, months of chemo and radiation.


Through it all, Suzanne has maintained her trade marks punk and joie de vive. Accepting the challenge with courage and grace. In this episode we explore:


What diagnosis and treatment feels and looks like in the middle of a pandemic.

How we find courage even when we don’t think we can.

Why still working if you can is a good think for you head heart and soul.

Sharing the hard moments with our kids can make them resilient, strong, open about their emotions and give perspective.

What some of the positives are that come from the hard things life brings us

What kind of support we as friends and family are best to offer to loved ones going through cancer.

Why Mammogams are so important, even in a pandemic.


If you aren’t very familiar with breast cancer, this episode with be inspiring and enlightening. If you have, you will be touched and will connect instantly with Suzanne’s honesty and resilience. Her positivity and light she shines is a beautiful gift.


I can’t wait for you to hear her incredible story.



Ironwood Cancer Center

Arizona Wig Boutique

Naturopathic Specialists of Scottsdale, AZ

Insta: @suzannebissetttv
Arizona Family - Your Life Arizona Channel 3
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