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Podcast #32
Conversation with Life Coach - Morgan Beard
Finding Self Awareness and Healing through Creative Expression

There are so many ways our journey to finding the best version of ourselves can get complicated. Many of us have had difficult experiences, been told stories that don't apply, or just don't know where to begin.
What if the answer was right there in front of us? In the things we love doing the most, when we feel most passionate and free,  doing exactly what expands our hearts and minds and feels amazing?

This is what tapping into our creativity and self expression is all about. It's a beautiful way to connect with yourself and finally find comfort, joy and healing.  It's also a whole LOT of fun. 

This is what we dive into with expert and coach, Morgan Beard who specializes in connecting with this authentic and vital part of ourselves. We explore how to find that creative spark and dive into creativity, healing and empowerment leading to a rich, fulfilling life with incredible freedom and joy. 

In the interview we talk about: 

  • How to heal old stories and trauma through creativity 

  • Why self expression is a library for self discovery

  • How to understand fear and other hard feelings and why they're important

  • Learning to manage your nervous system when anxiety surfaces

  • How creativity can cycle and change over your life and why that's ok 

  • How following your passion will lead you to the best version of yourself

  • Why faith is crucial but also complicated, how to explore and find what works for you

  • How the hard moments can bring you back to gratitude 

  • What meditation is really for and how to do it right 

  • How to connect to and strengthen your intuition

  • When quitting is actually a good thing

  • How to begin to explore creativity if you don't feel like you're creative

Connect with Morgan:
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Mentioned in this episode:

The Universe has your Back by Gabby Bernstein

What's on Morgan's Playlist:

Hurts so Good  - Astrid S

Be Like Water  -  Lo Wolf

Books Morgan Recommends:

The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying

Going on Being by Mark Epstein

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