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Podcast #31
Conversation with Financial Clarity Advisor - Tricia Daniel
Making a Financial Comeback and Creating a Plan for Abundance

Money is a tough topic for many people, and it happens to be one of the top reasons that couples get divorced.  What if we looked at money differently? What if instead of NOT talking about money, we opened up and started connecting OVER money. What if we created friendships, relationships and lives that celebrated money and created abundance by getting intentional and open about our money.  

In this episode we hear from Financial Clarity Advisor Tricia Daniel who has been through divorce twice and rebuilt her life personally and financially both times. Navigating these challenges made her realize that there are many women who struggle with finding financial balance and communication in their lives, and the only way to become empowered and find true financial freedom is to step up and get curious about it.  The first crucial step involves understanding your money story and letting go of the beliefs that are holding you back and just being willing to learn. 

It’s always possible to start over financially.  Even after divorce, and even more than once. No matter what your starting point, what you’ve been through and even what you’ve lost, you can step into your financial power and create wealth, freedom, happiness and security.  Tricia shares her story and explains how it's done.

In the interview we talk about: 

  • The first crucial steps to take when rebuilding financially

  • Becoming aware of our money identity and how it influences our approach to money 

  • The way adversity and challenge can turn into power and growth in money and in life.

  • How to merge finances them with another person and/or family. 

  • Combining financial strengths and skills sets to become a money powerhouse

  • How to learn from our past financial relationship mistakes and do better in new relationships – hint – it’s all about communication. 

  • Ways to integrate passive income into your financial strategy

  • What are weekly board meetings and how they can uplevel your financial success

  •  Shifting your view of budgeting from restriction to a plan for abundance

  • The possibility and responsibility in money management

  • The power of showing the universe that you can handle and manage money and how it opens you up to more money

  • Wants vs needs  - hint - YOU decide what they are!

  • Why asking questions is the best way to teach kids about how to spend, save and invest money

  • How to build wealth (hint! The key is investing!)

Connect with Tricia:
Website -
Instagram - @triciadanielMBA and @startingoverwealth
Podcast -

Mentioned in this episode:
Dave Ramsey Solutions

What's on Tricia's Playlist:

Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel

You've Got a Friend - James Taylor

Books Tricia Recommends:

Visibility is Power by Rashonda Pratt

Lioness Arising - Lisa Bevere

Prosperity - It's not Luck, It's Your Birthright by Ruth Fernandez

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