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Podcast #25
Interview with Rob Cook: Contenders Wanted Podcast
How to find Financial Empowerment and Balance in your Relationships

Can we really have it all? If you're divorced,  you may have become a little skeptical. How DO we find that balance in a marriage to be loving, respectful AND respecTED, encourage and support one another, AND be badass in our jobs and careers or as a wife and homemaker. It seems so difficult and complicated and the odds tell us it's not easy. Money being one of the number one problems in marriages. In this interview, I speak with Rob Cook who is an Independent Financial Planner, CPA, Podcast host sharing stories of success while maintaining your morals AND he's a loving husband and father functioning as an equal partner with his wife. 

In the interview we cover:

  • How to find balance financially in a marriage

  • What needs to be present for a couple to be on the same page fianancially

  • How you can find equality and empowerment financially in a one income family. 

  • What to do if you have different spending styles in a relationship

  • The book Rob recommends you read with your fiance BEFORE you even consider getting married

  • Why compromise is the MOST important thing in a successful marriage 

  • How to handle money disagreements

  • Why owning your money style makes all the difference 

  • How to select a financial advisor and the one quality that is the MOST crucial. (hint: it's not what you think!)

Connect with Rob Cook:

Website - Contenders Wanted
Podcast - Contenders Wanted

Linked In - Rob Cook



What's on Rob's Playlist (he's got RANGE!):


Easy on Me - Adele

Books Rob Recommends:


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