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Podcast #22
Interview with Laura Friedman Williams: Author of Available
The Rules for Sex & Life After Divorce

Laura Friedman Williams is the author of Available: A Memoir of Sex and Dating After a Marriage Ends, which has been a #1 bestseller on Amazon UK in books on Divorce, Romantic Relationships, and Memoirs.  

She has written for Vogue UK and been interviewed on numerous podcasts.  She lives in downtown Manhattan with her three children.

In the book Laura shares intimate and often humorous experiences of life after divorce. Through a series of events, Laura navigates the heartbreaking discovery of her husband's infidelity, managing the confusion her kids feel,  rebuilding her heart and life, dating and awakening her sexuality, and finally, discovering the strong, resilient, complex and incredibly interesting person she has become.

In the Interview we discuss:

  • How to keep your mindset on the positive

  • How really hard experiences bring us back to incredible gratitude

  • Having patience in the early stages of divorce is key

  • Why apologies and accountability are so important to us and what to do when they don't happen

  • When the reality of what we believed our marriage was turns out to be different than what our partner thought

  • Dealing with letting go of the certainty of how we thought our life would look

  • Figuring out the rules of dating after divorce and how we learn to create our own rules

  • Sometimes you do everything right and things still don't work out

  • Losing yourself in a marriage and how we can find balance

  • The thrilling, devastating, heartbreaking, freeing feelings of divorce and the complexity of the emotions

Laura is open, kind, generous and loving but also fiery and empowered. She covers so many complex aspects of divorce in her story and I think every woman going through divorce should read this book.
It's powerful, inspiring and heartfelt, but also hilarious as hell.

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