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Podcast #21

Conversations with Kerry:
Letting Yourself Feel Everything

In this interview, part of our capsule series - Conversations with Kerry -  Life Coach, Kerry Degenhardt  and I discuss the importance of allowing ourselves to feel hard feelings, not passing judgement and how grieving can be a path to healing and compassion. 

We discuss:

  • Not labeling our emotions

  • Allowing ourselves to experience many emotions at the same time, sometimes even polarizing emotions like relief and resentment

  • Not forcing a time line to process emotions or grief

  • How our pain can create a catalyst for future fears and roadblocks

  • The importance of holding space for ourselves as we would for our children with our emotions

  • Understanding that pain isn't a BAD 

  • How to keep faith that things will be ok when we are in pain

  • How pain expands our capacity to hold space for others in pain

  • How to not create a dependency on pain and get stuck

  • What do do when our pain disconnects you from the world and why it happens

  • How to support a friend going through pain or grief and why - even if they don't want to talk - that it's important to acknowledge and ask about it

  • How pain brings us to a deeper understanding of ourselves if we allow ourselves to sit with it. 

  • How some pain stays with us and never goes away and why we wouldn't even want it to

  • You don't always need to be working towards a resolution to pain, but can just feel it

  • Why forcing positivity is not always the way to process pain

This was SUCH a great conversation and an important one. I have struggled a TON with allowing hard feelings. I used to always think the bad feelings were not healthy and I needed to get RID of them as fast as possible. That through the power of positivity I could magically rid myself of the tough feelings.
Now I am learning differently. Pain is a part of our honest, authentic human experience. We're SUPPOSED to feel pain, it tells us SO much about who we are, how we can grow, makes us connect and help others and shows us what is important to us. 

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