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Podcast #20
Interview with Julie Kern: Bridge Financial Strategies
Things you NEED to do to Financially Prepare for Divorce

No one gets married expecting to get divorced. But if you find yourself in the situation where you may be considering a separation and divorce, you will need lots of help help and you'll definitely want to be prepared.  In this episode we'll be discussing some of the ways to get you ready whether you end up needing it or not.

In this interview with Julie Kern, CPA, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, we discuss the steps to take BEFORE you become separated or divorced. These are things even a married woman should be doing to become empowered in your financial life and to become an equal partner is all aspects of your marriage. 

Julie Kern of Bridge Financial Strategies and Bridge Divorce Strategies and her team, help women and families create individualized  financial plans. Julie's credentials alone are impressive, but combined  and with her own experience in divorce, she is a total badass advocate in the financial world for women trying to find answers and to create a road map for navigating divorce.

In the interview we cover:

  • Making a list of your assets and liabilities and what those are

  • Which experts you should be prepared to enlist and for what purpose 

  • What your lawyer should be doing for you and what he/she shouldn't be doing

  • Why getting a professional financial partner is crucial to the financial outcome of your divorce

  • How you should expect your income to decrease after divorce and what you can do to manage it

  • A few tips on how AZ handles alimony and child support

  • How taxes are viewed in a divorce and what you can and can't do to prepare for them

  • How roles in the marriage can affect your worth and believe in what you deserve financially and otherwise

  • What making things "whole" means in divorce and why it's important

  • How to handle a spouse that may have financial liabilities like gambling and unstable investments

  • What paperwork/statements you should be prepared to provide to a lawyer and/or financial planner

  • Why staying in your home may NOT be the best thing for your kids

  • When making financial and emotional decisions are different and how to separate them

  • Which assets may be protected and how you can ensure they stay that way in marriage

No matter what your situation, there is always hope. The very first step is asking for help. 
Being prepared isn't being selfish, or materialistic, manipulative or uncaring. 
It's being smart.
I encourage ALL women to listen to this episode not matter what your circumstances.
Knowledge is power, and empowering ourselves and our financial futures is crucial to finding peace, worthiness and happiness.
You owe it to your family, your kids and yourself to open up and discover the beautiful truth of financial empowerment.

You can read learn more about Julie's services on her websites and website resources:

Website - Bridge Financial Strategies
Website - Bridge Divorce Strategies
Downloadable Guide - Divorce Support Guide

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Your input matters and is VERY much appreciated! YOU are why we do this. 

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