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Podcast #17
Interview with Carlyn Bushman, Business Coach
Discover the Ideal Business to Launch through Intersecting Passion and Expertise
Starting and running a new business after divorce or just in general can be a huge challenge for anyone. There are so many little details to figure out, and you seem to have to be an expert in everything from accounting to HR to sales and production.
This is where a business coach can help.
Having over 32 years of business experience in the corporate world and launching her own biz, Carlyn knows how challenging it can be. She's developed a system and tools to help women create, launch and scale a business around whatever they're passionate about.
The details? She's got that covered!
In the interview we talk about many common obstacles women in particular face when starting a new business and how to work through them and past them to not only meet but exceed your business goals.


We also discuss:

  • How your passions and expertise are constantly evolving over your life

  • Why most women have trouble identifying what they're good at

  • How to come back to the work world after being a mom and what feelings are common when you do

  • Why it's ok to not be an expert in everything

  • How to know when to outsource and why it's so good for all women

  • Why letting go allows you to scale your business

  • How to know if you have a business or a hobby

  • Why women are so afraid to charge what we're worth

  • How to figure out who your ideal client is

  • How charging enough and making money in your business gives you choices

  • How a business coach can help you focus and can fast track you to your goals

  • What is time blocking and why it works so well to get things done


Carlyn is brilliant, is so experienced and has SO many free resources right on her website. She loves helping and supporting women and is an expert at channeling our efforts towards the things that will move our businesses forward most. I soaked all the info and details in this interview in and have some homework to do! Hope you find it as helpful as I did. 

***For the month of July, Carlyn is accepting applications for Women's Small Businesses her Fall Gift Guide. Learn more about how this can help your business grow and how to apply here. 

I want to see all my friends applying for this so I can beam with pride as we watch your beautiful products  or services being shared with the world  Good luck!! 


Links from the show:

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From Carlyn's Playlist:

Sweet Caroline

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Carlyn's Book Recommendation and links:

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