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Podcast #15
Interview with Charles Dickens IV of Champions Yoga
How to Find your Inner Champion Through Yoga
Did you know all the ways that Yoga can change your life?
I discovered yoga around the time of my divorce. Charles was not just my yoga instructor at the time, but he was also my coach, lightworker, healer and inspiration. His weekly classes lifted me from my fog and made me believe that I could make it through not only my divorce, but through anything. 
Being an Entrepreneur at heart, Charles has since launched a corporate wellness program called Champions Yoga. It empodies everything I loved about his yoga classes - great music, encouragement, positivity, fun, enthusiasm and accountability; but also provides health and wellness benefits for corporate clients all over the globe.
Champions is the term he uses for his students in his yoga classes. It perfectly describes his belief in our abilities and his push for integrity, expansion, purpose and our best in every class and in each of our lives. 
In the interview we talk about his new corporate wellness program, how he got so disciplined and motivated, what inspires Charles and how he is inspired by his students. 


We also discuss:

  • How Yoga can reduce healthcare costs for smart businesses

  • How yoga improves an employees overall health and well being

  • The power of Meditation

  • 3 Meditation techniques we love

  • How to be present in your partnerships and why it's so important

  • What are ways you can enhance your spiritual relationship

  • My meditation rituals

  • The challenges of being a type A and ways to manage it

  • How to do less and BE more

  • How the corporate wellness world is changing

  • Which wellness partners have teamed up with Champions Yoga


Charles and Champions Yoga has had a huge impact on my life. I can't wait for you to get to know him in the podcast interview and to learn about how his program is changing how companies view wellness and health all over the word.  Be sure to check out his website which also include his merchandise and details on the latest upcoming events. 


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