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Podcast #18
Interview with Alicia Larkey, Enneagram Coach
Enneagram 101 - How it can improve your relationships, your divorce and your life
Have you heard about the Enneagram? If not, you are missing out on one of the most ground breaking and eye opening ways to understand yourself and others.
In this interview, Alicia Larkey, Enneagram coach (and SO much more!) talks ALL things Enneagram and how it can influence your life for the better. 
The Enneagram is a type of a personality modality focused on understanding your core motivations and fears, your strengths, areas for growth and so much more.
This insightful and in depth system can provide insight and understanding to all parts of your life - work, marriage, parenting, friendships and more.
The Enneagram consists of 9 distinctly different but interconnected personality types. To find out your type, you take a personality test answering basic questions about who you are and how you function and feel. There are no wrong answers, it's all about honoring and discovering who you are! Then the fun begins. You get to figure out what Enneagram the people you care about are and uplevel your communication and understanding of each other. 

In the Interview we cover:

  • How we each have a dominant Enneagram

  • What wing Enneagrams are

  • How our Core Enneagrams don't change, but how we can shift as our lives evolve and change 

  • The ways that you do what you do and how you filter the world can help you understand yourself at a much deeper level

  • How knowing your Enneagram can help you solve problems, grow, overcome fears, relate better to others and SO much more. 

  • It can even help you communicate, manage and understand your divorce better. 


To begin the fun and exploration, take the below FREE Enneagram test.

You can also click here to download Alicia's insightful guide to Enneagrams from her website. 

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