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Podcast #14
Interview with Kerry Degenhardt of Kerry D Coaching
How a Life Coach Can Help Uplevel Your Whole Life

Kerry Degenhardt is a Life Coach and dear friend of mine.

Kerry’s been on the show before, you may remember that she was actually my very first podcast guest ever!


This time, we’re going to talk about what Kerry does for a living and how she helps transform the lives of her clients through her business as a life coach.


Kerry has a very special, insightful way of guiding her clients to the answers that are already there inside of themselves and helping them find their purpose and path to living their best, happiest lives.

Think of your Life Coach as your advocate, cheerleader, path to your best, highest self, best friend and accountability partner


In the interview, we touch on a variety of topics including how a life coach can help you heal after divorce, overcoming roadblocks and obstacles, connecting with your inner truth and wisdom, and why she likes working with young women in particular.


I always love my conversations with Kerry. And because you do TOO, we’ve decided to have her on the show on a regular basis where we will cover  all kinds of topics related to personal growth, self awareness and rising to become your best version of you.

So lots more good to come with our series called - Conversations with Kerry.


I can’t wait for you to hear today’s episode about how a  Life Coach can help you transform your life for the better. And who doesn’t want that?

How to find Kerry:
Insta: @kerrycoach
Kerry's Website
Kerry's book recommendations and links:
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