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Podcast #13
Interview with Dr. Shannon Bennett: The Healthy Psyche
Treating Anxiety, Stress, Burnout and Mood Disorders through Naturopathic Healing

Did you know that the body has natural healing capabilities? And that many common mental health issues can consider holistic treatment? 


Dr. Shannon Bennett, is the Naturopathic Doctor behind @TheHealthyPsyche, the founder of the Tackling Anxiety Naturally Protocol and the author of the Root Cause Anxiety Guide.


She is in private practice in Scottsdale, AZ and sees patients locally and at a distance, through telemedicine, group programs and online education. 


TheHealthyPsyche’s mission is to bridge the gap between mental health and natural healing. This passion is providing hope in healing, was born out of Dr. Bennett's own struggle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), depression, anxiety and a traumatic brain injury.


She now helps others find the healing she has through TheHealthyPsyche and the nonprofit Hope For Healing: providing natural healing to brain injury survivors.


You will find Dr. Bennett, relatable, light hearted, upbeat positive and an incredible inspiration. She is very active on Instagram with fun and eye catching videos and posts making mental health incredibly relatable. She addresses common mental wellness and general health concerns like anxiety, stress, insomnia, fear, headaches, and more. Many of these issues can be reviewed holistically and the first step she takes with her patients is to take a larger picture comprehensive review of your life AND your body. 


In the interview, our conversation covers everything from her journey to almost accidentally becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, her own struggles with physical and emotional health, her traumatic brain injury and so much more.


We also cover:

  • How and why she went the Naturopathic route.

  • How she sustained a traumatic brain injury, the many ways it affected her life and how she navigated the road to healing.

  • How we have the power to heal ourselves and why becoming the expert of you is so important in your health and wellness management

  • Why getting to the root cause of any health issue is so crucial over treating symptoms.

  • Naturopathic medicine approaches healing and some of her favorite modalities include Homeopathy.

  • How Homeopathy works.

  • Incorporating therapy with natural methods to find healing.

  • How hormones play a huge role in healing.

  • Why EMDR and hypnotherapy are such good methods for healing trauma.

  • What trauma exactly is and we all have some form of trauma


I learned so many new things about natural health and wellness and healing. I can’t wait for you to hear this incredible episode that sheds light on so many areas that I know we call want to know more about. Dr Bennett is a true light and trailblazer. Check out her website and resources below and as always, I hope enjoy the show.

You can read learn more about Dr Bennett on her website:


Social Media: 

Instagram: @thehealthypsyche

Facebook: thehealthypsyche



Link to Dr Bennett's Anxiety Course : Use code STU to enjoy $50 off when you register now!


Dr. Bennett's book recommendations and links:

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