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Seeing the Positive in Positively Everything

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When faced with divorce, I was presented with unbelievable challenges. I had no idea how I would overcome the obstacles in my path. Through invaluable connections, support from loving friends and family, and the unwavering belief that I could actually somehow get through it and maybe even find a stronger, brighter, deeper version of myself, I navigated rebuilding my life and my heart in almost every way imaginable.

It was a total personal and spiritual tear down/reconstruction and you know what?

 I wouldn't change a thing. 

See The Upside was created to inspire navigating the hard things with grace.

Maybe even realizing that the hard things open up a more enlightened version of ourselves through the compassion, vulnerability, honesty and connection we discover there. Seeing that the obstacles are actually invitations, and great opportunities -  

if you choose to view them that way.

It's not the downturns in life that will define you, but what you choose to make of them.

There's gold in those depths, if you decide to look for it. 

At See the Upside we explore all the ways to do life a little better, a little brighter, every day.

I hope the conversations make your journey lighter and more hopeful.

If you too, are facing challenge or change, divorce or otherwise - 

 I promise you. You've got this &  there's LOTS of good ahead.

The Upside is always there. You just have to look to see it.

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Thank you for connecting! We can't wait to fill your in box with positivity and light! xoxo

See The Upside

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